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Hey eveyone …I'm Charlie King, an Essex and London Based Personal trainer whose message is simple, loud and clear...'BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU.'

I am a regular on your TV screens, whether its helping individuals on the brand new MTV show 'Beach Body SOS', or popping up in ITVbes 'TOWIE'. I am also a very passionate fitness feature writer and have had the opportunity to work with Mens Health, GayTimes, You're Welcome London and Attitude magazine. I have a fantastic social media community which also aims to inpsire, motivate and help people on their fitness and wellbeing journies.

My commitment and purpose is to work with each and every one of you on an individual basis, so we can achieve long term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. 

I understand that every 'body' is different and what works for one person may not be the right approach for another. That is why it’s MY goal to put the 'PERSONAL' back in personal training. I feel that with my diverse client base and dynamic approach to fitness, combined with your individual requirements from an initial telephone or skype conversation, we can openly discuss everything from goals to lifestyle in order to get the most out of your program. With this personal interaction, I can be a fantastic asset to you. 

I have always loved keeping fit and active, and over the last 5 years I have challenged myself with goals I wasn’t sure I could meet. I have not only taken part in ‘Men’s Health’ fitness challenges, I have also run for numerous charities and mastered how to keep fit, eat well, keep toned and in shape, all whilst enjoying my life without sacrificing too much. I have realised and proven that with hard work, the right attitude and by building a good relationship with yourself, you can achieve those realistic goals. I believe that exercise and eating well need to be part of your life. It is really important to create a positive mind-set so you can maintain interest, and of course effectiveness when it comes to seeing result and feeling happy, confident and content. 

I am a fully qualified, REPS insured Level 3 personal trainer, who has experience in beginner’s guide to fitness, exercising outdoors, indoor cycling and doctors referrals. Every week I am asked questions relating to my own body transformation, what motivates me and how I sustain a healthy lifestyle. For me its all about consistency and wanting to feel the best I can. I have noticed that since I have been healthier, fitter and better with my diet I have more energy, focus and confidence in all other areas of my life. I want this for my clients too. This is why I’m so excited for CharlieKingFitness, because no matter what support you may need or where you may be located, with the use of online tools I can personally help you start TODAY in becoming the best version of you.